Outsourcing, Perseverance and Affiliate Marketing – Interview with Heather Hyvarinen

Meet Heather Hyvarinen – successful internet marketer, business manager and outsourcing expert.  More importantly she’s been able to do it all while keeping her core values of family and raising her daughters at the forefront.

Heather doesn’t hold anything back in her latest book Internet Outsourcing Mastery. She reveals some killer management techniques, the exact sites she uses as well as shortcuts that will save you months of trial and error.

One of the sites Heather mentions in the interview is Mark Thompson’s incredible  WordPress Goldmine membership site.

Heather and I are both members there so if one of your online models is building affiliate (or adsense) sites you’ll want to check it out.  Mark is constantly testing the boundaries of both WordPress and affiliate marketing and then posting the results.

Finally, you’ll want to visit Heather’s blog at http://myworkathomeblog.net/


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